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​"In Situ is not at all related to any other book you've read about the end of the world or the almost end of the world, and yet the known world ends twice... without trickery... it really happens twice. This book combines the best features of thrillers, science fiction, romance, and crime, but the amazing story-telling leaves all genres in the dust. You will not be able to stop once you start reading!"

J.W. Bean "Journalist-Reviewer"

"The writing is polished and engaging, with plenty of inventive action moments in a lush and vivid new setting. The character clash between the Arzats and their human companions is delightfully creative, and the theme of ongoing life and survival still holds strong throughout the series. Overall, In Natura strengthens the Arzat series with a fresh new tale in the future, and all science fiction fans are sure to enjoy this series the more it goes on."


K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite 




Fans are saying...



"Firmly believe this is one of the best that I have read in a long time. This would make a great movie as well it is set up for another follow on if the author wishes to do so. Lot of great stories going on in parallel that all come together marvelously toward the end. A must read!! Nice work by David Frazier!!"

Terry P.

"Wow. Pulls you in and puts you there. Smart writing and a plot line that will keep you up from first chapter to the last. Can't wait for the sequel!"

Tim Estes

"A wonderful book to read. It would be a good animation movie. I would recommend this book if you love dinosaurs and a good story."


"This book is amazing! Can NOT put it down! A must read! Well written with extraordinary characters. Story line is captivating and leaves reader wanting more! Any sci-fi fan will love this!"

Kathryn Pascual

"A friend told me about the book, and typically he does not recommend many was very interested. This was very well written....did not want to put it all. I hope there will be a sequel...entertaining for adults and children."


"I was so engrossed in this book! The subtle things that happen that come back and surprises the heck outof you! I just loved this read. I hope this author will give us more of InSitu. I loved it!"


​"OMG, such a GREAT book! Seriously, a MUST READ!!! The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through! Can't wait for the sequel! When does it come out? David Samuel Frazier, I am a HUGE fan!"

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